The commitment of post-memory in women: an ecology of knowledges

27 de September, 2023 | Admin-WP | Publication

This text seeks to think critically about the contradictions inherent in the historical, social and cultural experiences resulting from the process of decolonization and democratization of Portuguese society. In this sense, we intend to understand how the postcolonial aphasia that results from a lack of legitimate recognition of the life and identity heritage of Portuguese communities with African experience and Afro-descendants in Portugal is addressed in post-memory works. Using an interdisciplinary, feminist and cultural perspective, this article analyzes works of a fictional and cultural nature in order to extract from them the splendor of women’s voices in the exercise of reparations for Portuguese postcolonial aphasia.

Khan, S. (2023). O compromisso da pós-memória no feminino: uma ecologia de saberes. ex ӕquo, 47, 19-34.