Rethinking Africa in the rap music of Chullage

22 de January, 2024 | Chisoka Simões | Publication

Chullage, a project by Nuno Santos, is an unavoidable name in rap made in Portugal. Author of several songs considered classics of national hip-hop, he has edited three albums and has countless presences in projects and songs by other artists such as Sam The Kid, Regula, Kacetado, Less du Neuf, among others. An inseparable author of the so-called Rap Tuga, Chullage has been committed to denouncing racial discrimination and the lack of appreciation of African cultures. Her albums are shown as discourses of intervention in the face of systemic discrimination and an attempt to deconstruct narratives of Portuguese colonialism. Thus, the artist uses hip-hop as a tool to (re)signify Africa.

Gravato, D. & Cabecinhas, R. (2023) Rapensando África na música de Chullage. In M. Matos & J. Paisana, (1ª), Transcultural Mobilities and Memories (pp. 217-231). Edições Húmus.