Opening keynote of the III International Symposium on Social Psychology at UFS (SIMPS 2023)

8 de December, 2023 | Chisoka Simões | News

Rosa Cabecinhas, Principal Investigator of the MigraMediaActs project, made a research visit to the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS), Brazil, in December 2023. Among the various activities carried out, we highlight the participation in the III International Symposium of Social Psychology at UFS (SIMPS 2023) – “Social Psychology in Different Contexts: Prevention and Resolution of Social Conflicts” -, organized within the scope of the Research Groups “Socialization of Intergroup Attitudes and Racism” (GPSAIR) and “Social Conflicts: Stereotypes, Prejudices and Dehumanization” (Con-Psi), coordinated by Professor Marcus Eugênio Lima and Professor Dalila Xavier de França.

Rosa Cabecinhas delivers a presentation at the UFS. Photo: Sanches Max Viana

Joane, Marcus, Dalila, Charles, Rosa, Patrícia, Joana, Barbara, Rozelia, Grasiela, Amanda, Rita. Photo: Gabriela.

The event took place from December 6 to 8 at the São Cristóvão campus in Sergipe, Brazil. Rosa Cabecinhas gave the opening lecture at the conference, entitled “Social conflict, intergroup relations and societal challenges“.