Other stories. Mnemonic activisms, gender and intersectionalities

27 de September, 2023 | Admin-WP | Publication

It’s often said that the press is the first draft of history. The dynamics of the public sphere influence and are influenced by historical memory, in a process in which the old mixes with the new, reciprocally transforming itself. In recent years, various social movements fighting sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination have gained unprecedented visibility in the public sphere, contributing to the debate on the “dangers of a single history” (Adichie, 2009). Despite the principle of equal rights for human beings being enshrined in formally democratic societies, significant inequalities persist based on gender, skin colour, social class, sexual orientation, ethnic-linguistic group, geographical origin, etc. Recent events around the world have shown us that rights we considered to be won and indisputable can be revoked at any time. They show us that rights achieved through such long and persistent struggles are not guaranteed and, to paraphrase the words of Angela Davis (2020), we must not forget that freedom is a constant struggle.

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