Memory of the nation in the planetary era. Debating pasts and futures

4 de January, 2024 | Chisoka Simões | Publication

In recent years, various forms of activism have contributed to unveiling long-silenced histories and remembering some almost forgotten stories of struggle, giving visibility to other memories of the “nation”. In this text, after briefly revisiting various studies on social representations of history, we reflect on some challenges based on findings from an ongoing interdisciplinary research program on decolonial activisms in the Portuguese public sphere. Mnemonic activisms challenge us to think about the histories that structure public memory, its uses and abuses, as well as its interconnections with power relations, both inside and outside the nation, in a context where the challenges facing our lives clearly go beyond national borders.

Cabecinhas, Rosa (2023). A memória da nação na era planetária. Passados e futuros em debate. Análise Social, 58 (249), 766-788.