IV Visual Culture Meeting

8 de May, 2023 | Gessica Borges | Event

The IV Visual Culture Meeting took place on June 23rd and 24th 2023, at teatro mala voadora, in the city of Porto. This meeting intended to contribute to the debate on the controversial and polysemic relations between Visual Culture and Reparations and to serve as theoretical food for the Repair Workshop that took place between June 25th and July 6th, with public presentations of the artistic object created there, on July 7th and 8th. The IV Visual Culture Meeting was articulated with several initiatives, including the Artivisms Gathering of the MigraMediaActs (University of Minho), among others – all with the aim of widening and deepening the debate on reparations, in Portugal.

Members of the team participated in the “Monument Catastrophe” round table. From left to right: Patrícia Freire, Mamadou Ba, Ana Cristina Pereira (Kitty Furtado), Rosa Cabecinhas and Luis Cunha.

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Find out more about the IV Visual Culture Meeting here (in portuguese).