MMA Seminar – Textual Analysis Software (IRaMuTeQ)

22 de December, 2022 | Gessica Borges | Event

Equipe MigraMediaActs

On December 20, 2022 the MigraMediaActs team held an internal seminar to exchange impressions about conducting textual analysis with the aid of some software, such as Iramuteq, Alceste, NVivo etc.

The online meeting was facilitated by the researcher Luiza Lins, who gave a presentation about her experience with Iramuteq software within the project (Task 4) and in previous situations. In addition to presenting the software and its possible uses for MigraMediaActs, the meeting also served to discuss suggestions and reflections on the use of this and other analysis tools that they think could be useful to the project.

Lasting about two hours, the seminar was attended by a dozen researchers, including team members and collaborators.

A summarized version of the debate can be seen through our YouTube channel, at this link.