IV International Conference Activisms In Africa

31 de January, 2023 | Gessica Borges | Event

On January 25-27, 2023 the MigraMediaActs team participated in the IV International Conference Activisms In Africa, held in Porto, Portugal. The panel presented was entitled “Activisms of African Descent Experience. Pathways and Challenges“.

With the theme “Knowledge for Social Transformation”, the conference took place in a face-to-face format at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, and brought together dozens of researchers and activists from European, African, and American countries.

The project panel, moderated by Sheila Khan and Ana Cristina Pereira (CECS – University of Minho), included five presentations by various team members, as illustrated below:

  1. Black Gaze Cinema: at the margins of Portuguese Cinema
    Ana Cristina Pereira
  2. Cinema, memory and activism: the films Alcindo (2021), by Miguel Dores and Jamaika (2021), by José Sarmento Matos
    Isabel Macedo, Rosa Cabecinhas and Sheila Khan
  3. Alternative media, migration and racialized groups: a mapping about Portugal
    Carla Cerqueira, Paula Lobo, Gessica Borges
  4. Knowledge production, mnemonic activisms and intersectionalities
    Rosa Cabecinhas, Julia Alves Brasil, Isabel Macedo
  5. We have arrived. But at what cost? Excerpts on black, activist, and migrant experience in Portuguese academia
    Gessica Borges, Ana Cristina Pereira.

Researcher Sheila Khan was also responsible for organizing the panel “Historical reparations and the dismantling of the colonial past”, together with Vítor de Sousa.

During the three days of the event there were excellent debates and opportunities to think about the relationship between the academy and the public spheres, and also to make contacts with members of the academy and the community interested in the themes of migration, media and decolonial activism.