Historical Reparations: Destabilising Constructions of the Colonial Past

27 de September, 2023 | Admin-WP | Publication

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically exacerbated pre-existing social inequalities and added urgency to the awareness of the need for social transformation. Social movements for the decolonisation of knowledge and governance systems have gained new momentum and the demands for historical reparation and climate, health and food justice. Historical reparation has sometimes been equated only to restitution of material goods or financial compensation. Still, it is a much more complex endeavour that necessarily involves making knowledge production a more engaging and participatory process, inside and outside the academy, linking different knowledge to build fairer and more inclusive futures.

Cabecinhas, Rosa & Barros, Miguel de (2022). Knowledge production, historical reparation and construction of alternative futures. Interview with Miguel de Barros. Comunicação e Sociedade, 41, 243–258. https://doi.org/10.17231/comsoc.41(2022).3719