Conference “Reframing Authority and Authorship in the Arts: Weaving Lines of Reparation”

20 de November, 2023 | Gessica Borges | News

The conference “ReframingAuthority and Authorship in the Arts: Weaving Lines of Reparation” took place on 20 November 2023 at Culturgest in Lisbon.

The programme included workshops, debates and conferences, which aimed to “address the dimensions of authority and authorship in order to facilitate (and perhaps accelerate) the thinking and implementation of radical and reparative insurrections in the cultural sector.”.

The round table “From the Authority of Inertia to the Radicality of the Repairable” was attended by two members of the MigraMediaActs team, Gessica Correia Borges and Kitty Furtado, as well as Anabela Rodrigues, Apolo de Carvalho and Cristina Roldão.

From left to right: Kitty Furtado, Apolo de Carvalho, Cristina Roldão, Raquel Lima, Gessica Correia Borges and Anabela Rodrigues take part in the round table. Foto: Joni Rico

The debate aimed to discuss “how to repair what is repairable in the cultural sector, from a perspective that understands the diversity of individuals, groups, collectives, and associations that make it up. As well as to overcome the authority of established inertia, and identify radical paths towards social justice in the artistic world.”

To read the curatorial text created by Raquel Lima and find out more about the event, you can access the full programme, as well as the microsite “Antirracism in the Public Sphere” created for the date.