Communication and Diversity Seminar – Research and practices in media narratives, historical consciousness and education: dialogues and challenges

4 de May, 2023 | Gessica Borges | Event

On May 4, at 14h30, in the Galeria do Paço – Casa do Conhecimento da Universidade do Minho, the Communication and Diversity Seminar took place on the theme “Research and practices in media narratives, historical awareness and education: dialogues and challenges“, organized in the scope of the MediaMigraActs project in partnership with the Communication and Diversity Seminar, Museu Virtual da Lusofonia and Rede Casas do Conhecimento.

The event counted with the participation of Carlos Alberto de Carvalho (University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), Giane Lessa (Federal University of Latin American Integration, Brazil), Julia Alves Brasil (CECS, University of Minho, Portugal), Manuel Chaparro (University of Malaga, Spain) and Olga Bailey (Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom).

Audience and speakers at the seminar. Photo: Susana Peixoto

After the seminar, a roundtable followed in the scope of Festival Política, with the subject “We only exist because we reinvent ourselves: the creativity fundamental to the Brazilian experience in Portugal“. The debate was attended by
Gessica Borges and Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino AKA ROD (CECS, University of Minho), and it was followed by the short film screening Cinema Brasil (“Seremos ouvidas”, Larissa Nepomuceno, 13′; “Paulo Galo: mil faces de um homem leal”, Iuri Salles and Felipe Larozza, 19′), commented on by Isabel Macedo (CECS, University of Minho).