19th General Meeting – European Association of Social Psychology

14 de July, 2023 | Gessica Borges | Event

Between June 30th and July 5th, 2023 members of the MigraMediaActs team participated in the “19th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology“, which took place at Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

On July 4, members of the team participated in the Symposium “Legacies of colonialism and present-day intergroup relations“, in which Professor Rosa Cabecinhas presented the communication “Narrating my country’s history: social representations of history among young people in Mozambique and Portugal“, which has as co-authors Luiza Lins and Julia Alves Brasil.

The panel was also composed by project consultants, among other researchers, namely: Pauline Grippa e Laurent Licata (Université libre de Bruxelles), Joaquim Pires Valentim (University of Coimbra), Borja Martinović (Utrecht University) e Alessia Mastropietro & Giovanna Leone (Sapienza University of Rome).

MigraMediaActs team members at the EASP General Meeting 2023. Photo: Luiza Lins

In addition,, Luiza Lins presented the paper “Narratives on migration, media and societal change: contributions from Social Psychology to an action-research project“, where the tasks under development within the project were explained, namely in the framework of Task T5 – Theorical Integration. The communication was made in co-authorship with Professor Rosa Cabecinhas, as part of the pre-conference held on June 30th, entitled: “Social Psychology of the Future: How can social psychology contribute to the development of a fairer and more sustainable world?”.

Luiza Lins presenting a communication at the preconference. Photo: Rosa Cabecinhas